Pool School

Pools 101


We will cover: Pool lingo, what everything is called, how everything works. If every asked yourself any of these questions, we can help:

  • How much chlorine do I need to add to my pool?
  • Where do I need to add chlorine?
  • How do I clean the bottom of my pool?
  • Why is my pool water turning green?
  • Why is my pool water sudsy or salty?
  • Why is my pool water hazy or cloudy?

The little things to look for that will save you money in the long run.  The different chemical systems available and how they work. We will teach you how to balance your pool’s chemicals, remove unsightly algae, and ensure that you’re keeping it safe for your family and friends. We make Pool Ownership easy.

2017 Pool School


  • 3/18
  • 4/22
  • 5/20
  • 6/24
  • 7/22
  • 8/26
  • 9/16


Registration is not mandatory, if you have any questions or would like us to know you are coming, you can email us.

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