Our Vinyl Construction Process

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Upon contact with our In Ground Pool Department here at All Seasons Pools & Spas we have an interview process which we gather information from you as to what you are looking for in a pool. What is your primary use for the pool; Exercise, Relaxation or Family time in your own backyard. We carefully listen to the information that you give us to transform your backyard into Your Paradise.

We talk to you about the different sizes and shapes a Vinyl Liner pool comes in and determine which one will best suit your needs and your backyard. Vinyl pools are very customizable and can usually be finished in a few days, but the time may vary. Vinyl pools have a softer floor on your feet, which is one of the major selling points. These affordable pools can be customized to any shape or depth. Visit us at our location on Kalitste Saloom and ask for a quote about a vinyl liner pool. 

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3D Pool Design
3D Pool Design

We will then make an appointment to come out to your home and do a site evaluation. We look at the elevation of the property and access; take pictures and measurements of your home and backyard. We then take this information and with our 3-D Virtual Design Software we draw your Home, Backyard and Pool. This will show you in 3-D what your pool and backyard will look like before a shovel hits the ground. At this point you can add features or make changes to make your backyard the way you imagined it would be.

Once this is done we submit this information to the Construction Department for the pricing of the Pool and any Options you have chosen.

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Building Process

On the day of the dig the pool will be laid out according to the 3-D design layout. Of course you will approve of the placement.

Vinyl Liner Excavation


The pool will be dug 3′ larger all the way around. This is to accommodate the bracing and plumbing, concrete will be poured in the 3′ over dig; approximately 18″ to support the bracing and the Polymer wall of the pool. This adds to the stability of the Pool.

This picture shows the over Dig, the Polymer Walls, the Wall Bracing and the Concrete Pour for support.

Pool Floor

Pool Floor

The next step is the floor of the pool, this is called Poolcrete; which is a mixture of Concrete, Sand and Vermiculite. Which makes for a firm floor.

Installing the Liner

Liner Installation

Once the Poolcrete has been put in; the liner is installed into the liner receiver at the top of the wall.

Install Seal and QVAC

Install Seal, Steps & Q-Vac

Once the Liner is tucked they install the seal and track for the steps and cut out the extra liner where the steps are; and install a Q-Vac between the liner and the wall of the pool.

Getting a Smooth Fit

Getting a Smooth Fit

The Q-Vac is turned on and sucks the liner to the floor and wall of the pool; making for a smooth fit.  It  runs the entire time the pool is filling until the water gets to the bottom of the First step.  Then you turn off the water and call us; we come out and pull the Q-Vac tuck the liner and you fill the pool up the rest of the way.

Back Fill

Back Fill

Once the pool has started filling, the 3′ void behind the wall of the pool is backfilled.

This is what the pool will look like once it is backfilled.  The backfill has to sit for approximately 30 days so that the backfill  can settle and the concrete decking can be poured.  During this 30 days the backfill will drop approx. 18″ and more backfill will need to be put in by the concrete deck contractor.

Completed Job

Concrete Decking

Once the dirt has settled and the ground is stable the concrete deck will be framed up to be poured.

Once the concrete is poured one of our technicians will come out and clean the pool and balance the water. An Orientation will be scheduled with you so we can show you how all the equipment works. We also, offer a Free Pool School in the store once a month for you to learn more about pool ownership and we have free water analysis in the store to help you maintain your pool water.

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