Our Gunite Pool Process

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Upon Contact with our In Ground Pool Department here at All Seasons Pools & Spas we have an interview process which we gather information from you as to what you are looking for in a pool. What is your primary use for the pool; Exercise, Relaxation or Family time in your own backyard. We carefully listen to the information that you give us to transform your backyard into Your Paradise!

3D Design Process
3D Design Process

We will then make an appointment to come out to your home and do a site evaluation. We look at the elevation of the property and access; take pictures and measurements of your home and backyard. We take this information and with our 3-D Virtual Design Software we draw your Home, Backyard and Pool; and show you in 3-D what your pool and backyard will look like before a shovel hits the ground. At this point you can add features and make any changes you want to make your backyard the way you imagined it would be.

Once you approve the design we send the information to the Construction Department. They properly engineer for pipe, filter and pump sizes to maximize water flow and circulation of the water. They also look at the elevation of your property and the dimensions of the pool.

Give All Seasons Pools and Spas a call at 337-983-0025 and we’ll get the pool building process started.

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Building Process

The pool will then be laid out according to the final design and the pool will be formed to show the position and shape of your pool.



The pool will be dug in accordance with the specifications in your contract and according to the drawing you have been working hard at fine tuning. The Rough Plumbing is put in at this time also.


Rebar Setup

We use #3 rebar 8” on center through-out; 4”on center after 7’ Depth and #4 rebar at the bond beam (rim of the pool). This is the backbone of your pool structure.

Shoot Gunite

Shooting the Gunite

Our Gunite is a Concrete & Gravel Mixture and it is shot onto the floor and the walls of the pool while the crew shapes it into the form of your pool. At the end of this process the Floor is a minimum of 10” thick, the Walls a minimum of 8” thick and the Bond Beam is 12” thick. This makes for a strong Pool Structure. The pool is now plumbed to the Equipment Pad and pressurized through-out the entire Building Process.


Tile, Coping & Decking

The Tile & Coping process takes 1 to 2 days depending on the extent of work you have chosen for your pool. They lay the brick, travertine or flagstone coping and grout it; then they lay the waterline tile all according to what you have chosen with the help of your pool designer.

Concrete decking comes next – the concrete guy lays out the decking according to the drawing we did at the beginning of this process. That doesn’t mean that the deck has to be this way; you will be able to look at it and change the lay out according to how you want it.

There are several different finishes for the decking to choose from. Brushed concrete (Broom Finished), Spray Deck, Stamped Concrete, Travertine or Pavers.

At this point we are 30 to 45 days into “Our Process” which is how long it takes for the Gunite to Cure. We are now able to do the Plastering and set the Equipment.


We use an exposed aggregate for the surface of your pool, the color is chosen during the Design Process. Aggregate is a Plaster product with tiny quartz colored pebbles in it to enhance the color of the water. It has a 10 year warranty and it is a 3M product.

Gunite Pool Plastering

Pool Fill

Once the gunite pool is plastered, the water will be started from your water hose into the pool. In some cases, another water source may be needed to fill. Do Not Turn the Water Off until it is in the middle of the skimmer.

Once the pool is filled one of our technicians will come out and start the pool equipment, brush the pool to expose the aggregate, balance the water when ready, and clean the pool. At this time any slides, diving boards, or any extras will be installed.


The Pool Technician will schedule an appointment with you and your family to show you how all the equipment works. We also, offer Pool School in the store once a month for you to learn more about pool ownership and free water analysis in the store to help you maintain your pool water.

Contact us to discuss a gunite pool today at 337.983.0025

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